About Us

A brief introduction about us, an ABC Dad, Derek and a cheeky daughter, Cara.


Hi, I’m Derek, an ABC Dad (Aussie Born Chinese Dad) of a curious and creative daughter, Cara. Arriving in London with a single suitcase from Sydney in October 2008, I never imagined I’d still be here, now as a dual-citizen with an established home and someone to be responsible for. 

As Cara’s Mum and I both work full-time, and with no immediate family here in the UK to assist, we rely heavily on each other and our close knit group of friends, babysitters, and other parents for ongoing support and playdates. 

I currently work in financial services and have a passion for property investment (albeit a novice and newbie investor). You can check out some property resources and book recommendations on the site. In between work and time with Cara, I enjoy watching movies, sports, and trying new restaurants around London. For fun, a few of us run an Etsy story – Funny Sloth, where we sell mugs about things that bring a smile to our face.

I also decided to set up this blog in March 2018 after catching the ‘Aussie’ flu


Cara graced us with her arrival in 2014. There were some issues early on, including difficulties with breastfeeding. Cara’s Mum persisted and with the assistance of Silverette nursing cups, it was all positive after a few months.

Cara has been attending nursery full-time since she was 10 months and enjoys interacting, especially role-playing, with her friends. On weekends, we try to keep things interesting and interactive for Cara. There’s regular visits to soft-play, museums, child-friendly theatre, parks, and other various random activities such as balance bike lessons and dance sessions. Special treats come in the form of holidays to destinations outside of the UK. Cara is quite a well-travelled (and privileged) toddler having been back to Australia three times. She’s a good eater, likes to sing along to Frozen and songs on the radio. Like most toddlers these days, she is quite tech-savvy.

Hopefully this blog will provide you with some inspiration or ideas on how to keep things fun as a family. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Lots of love, Derek & Cara.

“Your daughter will hold your hand for a while, but hold your heart for a lifetime.” – Anon 

About us - Cara at Taronga Zoo