As a result of the ‘Beast from the East’, I was unfortunately unable to work and bed bound for 3 days trying to recover from a bout of Aussie-man-flu (the worst type of flu*). This also meant limited interaction with Cara. So what does one do when you have the flu?
* May not be factually correct, but sure feels it

Potential things to do when you have the flu:
  1. Sleep – Likely the most sensible option, or perhaps the only option when you feel like death. In between doses of Day/Night Nurse, what better way to pass the time while letting your body recover. 
  2. Binge – Once the headaches have subsided and you’re able to sit upright, then there’s nothing wrong with catching up on the latest box-sets. Given the ease of access to TV-on-demand, Netflix, Amazon, there’s no excuse not to be watching dragons, superheroes or real housewives. If you’re still shivering in the foetal position, then you can still binge on podcasts. 
  3. Plan / Budget – A slightly dull but more productive option is to work on your objectives or budget. Whether it’s looking back at what you’ve achieved or spent, or planning forward to what you want to achieve once you’re healthy again, it’s a good opportunity to spend the quiet time evaluating. 
  4. Eat and Drink – Your body will continue to need food and drink to recover. Although it might be tempting to feast on oily comfort food and fizzy drinks, it’s probably best to stick with fresh, healthier options like oats porridge and chicken soup, and water or apple juice. Personally, a chicken congee with ginger does the job for me (and Cara when she’s ill!)
  5. Start your own blog – Finally, try something different. For me, it was either a blog or podcast, but given that I don’t like the sound of my own voice and prefer something more visual, a blog was the way to keep the spirits up during the sniffles. I find that trying to keep your mind off the fact that you’re sick helps speed up the recover. 

What are your top tips in surviving a flu? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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