Renowned dancer, Anna Paskevska once said; “Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners”. Fingers crossed that that rings true for Cara!

Out of all the various activities we have tried with her (bicycle, swimming, football), ballet is the only one that she has never complained about and has been willing to attend each week. Sufficient proof that she enjoys the classes and is having fun. 

Date Visited: Saturday mornings – run on term-by-term basis

Location:  Studio 74 Dance School, 2 St Augustine’s Ave, Bromley BR2 8AG

Getting There: Closest train – Bickley station (20 mins walk). There is free street parking available outside the dance school

Cost: £89 for a Term (mid-April to mid-July)

Review: For the last two months, we have been religiously waking up each Saturday morning, sharing breakfast and getting ready for toddler ballet. This involves the tricky task of putting on Cara’s tights, leotard, and skirt. Five minutes after everything’s on, Cara asks to use the loo which means taking everything back off again!

With a 20-minute drive to Studio 74 and another 20-minute drive back for a 30-minute class, it’s not always the best situation. But given Cara’s enjoyment each week, it makes me happy to take her. We initially enrolled her at this school as one of her friends was signed up, however her class was full so we selected an earlier session.

There’s usually plenty of street parking outside the studio. It’s best to arrive about 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled class to find parking, and also because classes tend to start on time. 

Unfortunately, parents/guardians are not allowed to sit in on the classes as it is considered a distraction. But happy days, that means 30 minutes of free-time for us! A quick scan of the room and some parents are chatting away, whilst the majority are head down on their phones enjoying the peace and quiet. There is a barista on-site for your morning caffeine hit.  

Based on the brief and generic feedback Cara provides after each lesson, it usually involves some running, jumping and some bouncing up and down. In the toddler ballet class, they get to wear fairy/butterfly wings while they dance. Occasionally a staff member will call out your child’s name for loo break.  Before you know it, 30 minutes is up and the class is over. They each get a sticker and come back down the stairs all happy. 

Cara seems to enjoy it each week (i.e. no complaints about the outfit, the drive there and back, or the actual class). That makes me a happy Dad. Whether or not she wants to continue next term, that will be up to her. There are also dance classes for older kids. Every now and then, they have advertising opportunities and casting calls for students. 

  1. You can pick up an outfit (leotard, tights, shoes) from your local supermarket – we picked up Cara’s from Sainsbury’s
  2. After class, we usually visit The Lavender House Cafe in Sundridge Park for brunch – has an kid-friendly outdoor area and the food and coffees are delish!

More details: 
Studio 74 Dance School, Bromley –


Burn Time: 3 out of 5 – Classes are 30 minutes, so not the longest considering it takes us 40 minutes to get there and back 
Value: 4 out of 5 – 
 Good value for the Term
Overall: 4 out of 5 –
 Provides discipline and structure for Cara, whilst having fun. It’s one activity that she’ll happily stroll in to each week

On the way to toddler ballet class Toddler ballet class complete with sticker