Blink, and you’ll miss it. At the beginning of this year I blogged about Proud Dad Moment III. This week, along with all the thousands of other proud parents, it was back to school. However, with Cara now progressing from nursery to reception, this meant a proper uniform and sharing the playground with the big kids. Proud Dad Moment IV was seeing Cara putting on the uniform, and walking into her new classroom.

One of the benefits of starting reception and having a uniform is not having to spend 10 minutes each morning deciding what she should wear. Cara has been waiting all summer to wear the new uniform, and it was fantastic to see her so happy putting it on. As with every other parent that morning, we took the obligatory photo of her starting school.

Now it’s all over, it’s back to finding the routine. As quickly as the last 4 and a bit years have gone, I am sure the next 6 years will go just as quickly. Before you know it, Cara will be starting secondary school!

Tips to help your child settle in at school:
  1. Prepare: If your child is starting a new school, try to visit it during the summer holidays in the lead up to the new year. This involves taking the route you would normally take during the school run to make it as familiar as possible.
  2. Be Inquisitive: I found toddlers love to talk about random things they experienced during the day. By asking them lots of questions, I found it helps engage with them and makes them feel more comfortable about going to school.
  3. Make it fun: Whether it’s encouraging or rewarding them, it’s good to make the entire experience fun. This might include catching a bus or train, putting an extra treat in their snack bag. 

Proud Dad Moment IV ABC Dad  Proud Dad Moment IV


Every day’s a Proud Dad moment with Cara, but there are certain milestones that are worth sharing. What are some of your favourite memories? Add them to the comments below.