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Proud Dad Moments IV


Blink, and you’ll miss it. At the beginning of this year I blogged about Proud Dad Moment III. This week, along with all the thousands of other proud parents, it was back to school. However, with Cara now progressing from […]

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Proud Dad Moments III


A few months since my previous Proud Dad moment (previous moments here and here) but it’s amazing how quickly they develop. As the new year started, I looked at the old 2018 calendar where we have various photos of Cara. […]


Proud Dad Moments II


A brief follow up to my original ‘Proud Dad Moments’ post after receiving a notification from Google Photos. Cara attended her school friend’s birthday party last weekend, which included some Shetland Pony rides. What a cracking and fun kid’s birthday […]


Proud Dad Moments


Growing up, I never really understood what being ‘proud’ meant. Occasionally, I would feel a sense of ‘happiness’ when I had achieved a goal, or sometimes my parents would  say they were ‘proud of me’. But I thought that was […]