A brief follow up to my original ‘Proud Dad Moments’ post after receiving a notification from Google Photos. Cara attended her school friend’s birthday party last weekend, which included some Shetland Pony rides. What a cracking and fun kid’s birthday party!

After taking many happy snaps of Cara and her friends, it was her turn on the pony. This meant more photo opportunities, including one in her helmet ready for Biscuit the Pony.

How does Google do it?

The very next day, I received a Google Photo notification. The Photo Assistant had stitched a few photos together to create a GIF, but also created a collage from two photos. One was from the weekend, and the other from when she was barely walking. Both involved her wearing helmets (snowboard and riding). How did it know? 

ABC Dad Cara Helmet Head

Seeing this photo, I don’t think I appreciated how much Cara had grown and developed. Then, she could only mumble a few words and barely walked. Now, she can hold a conversation and ride a pony.  As we approach her 4th birthday, I am reminded how quickly she’s growing. I remind myself to enjoy each second with her, even when she gets angry that I’m not playing with her properly or singing too loud.

Proud Dad that got told off

The other evening before bedtime, she said “Daddy, you’re making me upset!” after I asked her too many questions. To hear her being able to describe and openly express her feelings was a shock at first. But then I went into super proud Dad mode as she had the confidence and ability to tell me off. We are due for a parent / teacher evening this week so I am looking forward to hearing the feedback from her key worker. I can’t wait for the next development milestone!

If this blog still exists by the time you’re old enough to read it, Cara, know that you’re Dad is very proud of you and loves you to the moon and back!