Growing up as a kid in Sydney, Australia, our Summers usually consisted of ice-lollies and air-conditioning. Minimum temperatures during the day were 30 degrees, with the occasional day over 40. Since arriving here, Summer seasons have been more bearable, with lovely mid-to-high 20s and cool winds during the evening.

The MET Office issued a ‘heat-wave’ warning yesterday for continued high temperatures, something we took as standard school days back in Oz. But, as Cara hasn’t been exposed to Australian Summers, it got me thinking how best to cool her down. 

4 tips to keep cool this Summer:
  1. Ice Ice Baby – If you watch a lot of cricket, you may have seen this trick. Grab some ice cubes and place them in clingfilm or toss them into a sandwich bag. Then, wrap the clingfilm or sandwich bag up in a tea-towel or bandana (do people still use these?). Use the tea-towel to make a scarf and tie it around your toddler’s neck – instant chills. Depending on how hot the day is and what your child is doing, the ice will need replacing regularly.
  2. Ice lollies – Another ice-related suggestion (you can see a theme here). Whilst you can easily buy them from the shops, it can be more fun (and healthier) to make them yourself, and it can get your child involved too. You can buy paddle-pop sticks from your local craft store or supermarket. Poke the stick into a tub of your child’s favourite yoghurt and throw it into the freezer. You have yourself a yoghurt-ice-lolly. Alternatively, fill your ice-cube tray (or buy a specially themed one), and make your own flavours with juice or fresh fruit with water. 
  3. Splash time – An inflatable splash pool is an ideal way to cool down. Throw in some toys or bubbles, and it’ll keep them busy for a while. Just ensure someone’s watching the little one for water safety reasons. If you don’t have space for a small pool, there’s always the bathtub. 
  4. Nic Cage – If you can afford the space, then an Air-Con is a lifesaver. Otherwise, the substitute would be to visit your local shopping centre like Westfield. Not only can you get some shopping and errands done, but you can do it at a nice, regulated termperature. If you’re not conveniently located near one, you can create a makeshift air-con system with a desk fan and a frozen juice box. Just place the juice in front of the blowing fan and it should be nice and cool. Not quite the same as air-con, it’s con-air. Terrible.

Whatever you decide to do to cool down, remember the most important factors for Summer – stay hydrated, apply some sunscreen, throw on a hat and sunglasses, and have fun! When growing up in Oz, we had the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ campaign to remind us. 

What are your tips for staying cool? Leave your comments below.

Keeping cool with Cara