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One of the happiest times of the year, it’s Chinese New Year 2021! We say farewell to the Rat, and welcome in the Ox. With lockdown in place, celebrations are more subdued this year without visits to Chinatown. However, it’s always a great excuse to eat and drink! It’s also a fun time to complete some Chinese New Year activities, like good ol’ favourites of making paper lanterns.

We’ll be ordering take out this year and enjoying some Chinese food at home. Cara’s school has been brilliant as usual, with activities to involve the kids in celebrating Chinese New Year. This includes songs and dance during music and drama, and crafting paper lions and oxen during arts and crafts. 

If you’re looking for Chinese New Year activities to keep the kids occupied, here are some great links.

Chinese New Year Activities

Twinkl – a few standard creative activities, such as paper dragons and lanterns

Twinkl – one of my favourites, making a paper fortune cat! 

More Twinkl – to learn more about the story behind the Chinese New Year animals

Redtedart – loads of arts and crafts options to choose from

Activity Village – includes more educational activities, worksheets, vocab flashcards and puzzles

Cara Chinatown

As with every Chinese New Year, it’s also nice to read up on your animal’s horoscope to see what’s forecasted for the year ahead. You can find your horoscope here for this Year of the Ox. For Cara, born in the Year of the Horse, it’s good news with a “year full of success and accomplishments”! As a Dog, I’m looking forward to a year full of energy, although it ominously warns of a major risk of losing money and becoming indebted in 2021.

We hope your horoscope and year is a happy, healthy and prosperous one! From Cara and I, wishing you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Chinese New Year
Picture courtesy of @pikisuperstar

If you have any activities or traditions you can suggest, or have created something nice that you wish to share, please comment below!