The Market Halls Canary Wharf opened a few months ago. It took us a few visits to test each of the offerings, but there was one that was the family favourite and most consistent from the seven restaurants (burger place is not open yet at time of blog). 

Date Visited: June, July 2022.

Location: 25 North Colonnade, E14 5HD, next to the Crossrail hub.

Getting There: Right next to the main Crossrail entrance, and a short walk from the main Underground station. Also a short-walk from either West India Quay or Canary Wharf DLR stations. 

Cost: Depends on which restaurant takes your fancy, but on average £11-15 for a main dish. If you’re looking for more upmarket dining (and meat), then you can walk over to Hawksmoor at Wood Wharf.

London’s Latest New Food Hall Has Landed In Canary Wharf • Markets Hall Canary Wharf Cargo
Photo credit: Market Halls

Options? Yes. Quality? Eh…

If you’re in a group and not sure what to eat, then Market Halls Canary Wharf might be the ideal place. It provides plenty of options to eat and a central bar that is well-stocked. on our visits in 2022, there were tacos, fried chicken, sushi, pasta, noodles and curries to choose from. You place your order at your desired eatery and rather than waiting for your number to be called out, you’re provided with a buzzer. This allows you to roam around to either find a table, grab a drink or scout for some more food. 

We visited on different occasions, couple of times on a weekend for lunch where seating is easier to find and it’s less noisy. We also visited it on a Friday lunchtime and it was definitely busier with Wharf workers occupying the bar and tables. On a nice day, there’s seating outside. 

So what should we eat first?

We visited on a few occasions, enough to try each one out, some more than once. We didn’t try every dish, so it’s based on our tastes and experience. Our recommended order of attack would be:

  1. Gopal’s Corner – an off-shoot of the famous Roti King so you know it’s decent quality. Try the roti canai with the curry as a starter and a teh tarik. This was our pick of the restaurants.
  2. DF Tacos – if you’ve been to Mexico or the States, it’s not going to be the same. However, for London it wasn’t too bad. We tried the buttermilk chicken taco which had a nice balance of zing and crunch, along with the crinkle cut chips.
  3. Inamo Sukoshi – this one and Baozinn are fairly close, so depends if you prefer Japanese or Chinese. We found Inamo more consistent and Cara enjoyed the dragon roll. 
  4. Baozinn – we  tried two dishes, their signature dan dan noodles with pork which was delish. The other was the braised beef brisket with noodles, and that was a little plain to be honest. Perhaps we’ll try the dumplings next time.
  5. Chick Chick Crew – good if you have a hangover, everything seems to be fried. We tried the BBQ chicken burger which was tasty but messy (may have just been us), and the chicken strips and fries. We prefer the fries at DF Tacos.
  6. Pasta Evangelists – we love a good pasta but unfortunately our experience was not very good. We waited a while for our buzzer to set off but after chasing them, they didn’t have it in the queue. Not sure if they rushed it, but the pasta when it did arrive was a little stodgy. When you compare them to Pasta Remoli in Stratford, it’s no competition.  

We have yet to test Le Bab as never felt the urge for a kebab at lunchtime. We’ll try to give it a go next time. If you’ve eaten there, do you recommend it? 

Unfortunately none of the eateries really offer desert options. So if you’re craving for something sweet, you’ll need to find another place. If you previously visited the now closed Giant Robot food hall at Canary Wharf, the food is better than the options they had in there. Market Halls Canary Wharf also has better atmosphere than the other food court, Wharf Kitchen, due to all the light coming in. 


Burn Time: 3 out of 5 – You could spend a while here, trying out various dishes from each store.  
Value: 2 out of 5 –
With plenty of options available now at the Wharf compared to when it first opened, there are cheaper places to eat.   
Overall: 3 out of 5 –
Overall, decent if you know which restaurant and dish to choose. Disappointing if you don’t! 

Let us know your thoughts below if you’ve been to Market Halls Canary Wharf (or their other locations)!