Miller Carter entrance

Another year, another great Father’s Day! I’m always excited to see what Cara has crafted at school for the occasion. Once again, not disappointed. A nice handmade card, drawing and some Cara coupons. To top it off, there was a nice meaty lunch at Miller & Carter Steakhouse. 

Fathers Day coupon

Date Visited: 20th June 2021

Location: Numerous locations. We previously visited the Bromley and Bexley establishments, and on this Father’s Day, we visited the Dartford branch – Princes Rd, Dartford DA2 6NQ.

Getting There: By car, there is free parking on-site if you punch in your registration number in the restaurant. There are also a couple bus stops close by.

Cost: A table for 3 adults and a child, it was c.£160 with entrees, mains, desserts and cocktails.


Easy drive down to Dartford for Father’s Day lunch. We had a light breakfast as we knew it would be a decent lunch. We had an early-ish 12pm table so it was fairly quiet when we arrived, but was nearly full up by the time we left. Be sure to book, especially on special days like Father’s Day. Similar to our Eataly meal, we again shared the starters. This was a mix of the chicken wings, bread board, calamari and scallops. All very delicious and light enough to expand the stomach but not overfill it before the main course. Cara opted for the kids nachos which she found okay, but preferred eating the calamari and scallops. Sorry, we ate the scallops before I remembered to take a photo.

Miller Carter starter

For the mains, we shared a Butcher’s Block and a T-bone between the adults. This was a good way to try each of the cuts and ribs. It was more than enough meat for us. The mains come with the usual side of fries or chips, wedge salad and a sauce. Yes, it’s a wedge of iceberg lettuce, but with the salad dressing, it provides a bit of freshness against the meaty steaks. All of our steaks were cooked nicely, typically medium rare to medium. Cara chose the haddock fish fingers and had some slices of our beef and ribs. If that wasn’t enough already, we also ordered some sides, mac and cheese and garlic greens (which I loved).  

Miller Carter main

After checking the belt buckle wasn’t under too much strain, we topped off the feast with some dessert. I went for the crème brûlée. I could have devoured two portions of it. Cara had the kids ice cream which got the thumbs up.  

Miller Carter dessert

The service was friendly and attentive. We didn’t have to wait long for the food or to be served. The restaurant was very clean and Covid compliant with track and trace in place, hand sanitisers dotted around, masks and social distancing when walking to and from the restrooms. 

Overall, it was a very satisfying meal and a great day out with the family. I’m really enjoying dining out with Cara these days as she’s able to eat pretty much most things on the menu. She’s willing to try new dishes and if she doesn’t like it, she lets us know. Still trying to work in more veggies to her diet though! I’m sure we’ll be back to visit another Miller & Carter Steakhouse location again soon. If you’re looking for a good value and service steakhouse, then it hasn’t let us down yet (we’ve been four times). 

More details:


Burn Time: 5 out of 5 – nice ambience and we weren’t rushed. Ideal way to spend a Father’s Day Sunday. 
Value: 3 out of 5 –
it’s not a Harvester or Beefeater, but nor is it a Maze Grill or Savoys. It’s good value for what you get. 
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 –
It won’t be the last time we visit a Miller & Carter Steakhouse.  

Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day. Do you have any recommendations for steakhouses or restaurants we should try? Leave your comments below!