Cara has always enjoyed a good role-play, whether it’s pretending to be a teacher, shopkeeper, or chef. However, with the recent viewing (and now constant re-watching) of Disney’s classic, Frozen, the role-playing has now become more serious. 

Let it go…

It all started in early in February 2018 when I decided to put on Disney’s Frozen movie on TV. It was a quiet Saturday evening and Cara had just finished her tea and was relaxing. She enjoyed the first viewing, nothing out of the ordinary. However, a week or so later she asked to watch it again, but only the ‘Let it go’ song. Then it began. I never heard that song repeated so many times. After a few viewings over a couple of days, Cara began mumbling some of the words and copying the actions from the movie. 

In early March, a post appeared on the NextDoor app from a local neighbour looking to giveaway his children’s dress up costumes. Thinking it was just one or two outfits based on the photo, including Elsa’s dress, I decided to contact the neighbour. Cara ended up with over 10 costumes stuffed in a garbage bag! Ranging from Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Snow White, a doctor, fireman, Roman soldier, skeleton and more. Accessories such as tiaras, crowns and hats were also thrown in. There must have been over £100 worth of costumes, so a big thanks again to the friendly neighbour.

Do you want to build a snowman?

The next morning, she saw the costumes and wanted to role play straight away. She even asked if she could wear the dress to school. Fast-forward to home time after school, and it was straight to the costume box. Although we try to limit screen time, we couldn’t deny her the opportunity to dress up and sing-a-long with Elsa. For two weeks or so, it was constant and repetitive. It got to the point where she wanted me to dress up as well, where she was Elsa and I was Anna. Luckily, the dress was too small, but nevertheless I had to sing my lines. The costumes are also great when she has friends over and the kids can take turns in each costume. 

Although the initial excitement seems to have peaked, Cara occasionally puts on a dress and begins to role play. Now, I just have to search for an adult-sized version of Princess Anna’s dress to surprise Cara one day and immerse myself in all things Arendelle. Her love of Frozen recently transferred over to Lego, where we now have Lego Elsa and Anna to role play with. 

Cara role play as Queen Elsa Cara role play as Princess Anna

Cara role play as Snow White