Cara swing

Tikky Town, designed for Tik Tokkers, influencers and little girls who just like bright, pretty things. We visit the O2 fairly regularly and walk past Tikky Town and its original store opposite, Selfie Factory. Each visit, Cara peers in to see what’s going on. So one slow weekend, we decided to book some tickets and take a few selfies. By ‘we’, I mean Cara and her Mum, while I walked around the Icon shops.  

Date Visited: Sunday, 7th November 2021

Location: Icon at The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Getting There: North Greenwich station is the closest which has the Underground, bus and Emirates Air cable car services.

Cost: £18 per person for a 60 minute session 


This is a fairly short review as the photos below show what Cara got up to better than me trying to explain it. It’s a straightforward operation. Book tickets, line up, go inside and take various pictures with different, pretty backgrounds. If I were to go in, it would probably take 5 minutes to take the snaps. Yet for some reason, Cara spent the entire hour in there, swinging on a cloud and running around. As a one-off experiment, it’s fine, but it’s not something you would go back to each week. From their website, you can book a package to have unlimited access to both venues (Tikky Tok and Selfie Factory), so that’s a whole lot of pictures in one day! It is pretty pricey though at £50 a ticket. 

You can bring your own props, costumes, tripods, selfie sticks and ring lights for that additional lighting. Based on the photos below, you can see Cara had fun. I’m sure the more professional influencers out there could produce better photos! 

It’s a neat business idea though. When the Selfie Factory first opened, I thought it would only last a few months. Yet post-Covid, it’s still around and has even expanded to another venue. We need to find some space, buy some props, create lighting for good photos and charge for the privilege. 

Tikky Town Cara sparkle Tikky Town Cara cloud Cara entrance Cara changing

Tikky Town hotel Cara bridge Cara house Cara ball

Burn Time: 3 out of 5 – 60 minute sessions is plenty of time, unless you’re changing into new outfits for every scene. There’s other things to do at the O2 so you can make an entire day out of it.
Value: 2 out of 5 –
Unless you are really keen on selfies, you probably wouldn’t visit here.   
Overall: 3 out of 5 –
Cara enjoyed it which is all that matters. For those waiting around, there’s the other shops in the Icon to browse, or grab a coffee from Costa a few doors down.  

Have you taken photos at Tikky Town or Selfie Factory? What did you think?