After nearly five months since starting nursery school, the time finally came for Cara. She was given the privilege of taking home the class mascot, Honey Bear. For the past few weeks, Cara had been asking when it was her turn to take Honey Bear home. Each child will eventually take her home, with the opportunity to journal about Honey Bear’s adventures. 

Honey Bear’s long weekend

Friday – BBQ for dinner to welcome the new family member while trying on Honey Bear’s cute cardigan.

 Honey Bear taking over the BBQ  Cara trying on Honey Bear's cardigan

Saturday – Ballet lesson followed by relaxing day at Well Hall Pleasuance, enjoying the lovely weather. After a lovely lunch at the Tudor Barn, it was back home to feed the goldfish and play some more with Honey Bear. It’s that time of year where the sound of the ice cream van brings out a smile. Given it was a hot day, we all had a special treat.

Off to ballet with Honey Bear  Honey Bear enjoying a refreshing juice   Feeding the goldfish with Honey Bear  Special treat with Honey Bear

Sunday / Monday – An extra day meant extra time playing. But first, it was a quick yoghurt pouch in bed. We had play dates lined up on both days with another BBQ on Monday for lunch. Before the day ended, there was time for some quick school work learning about numbers. Cara and Honey Bear did really well from 0 to 20.

 Breakfast in bed  Homework time

At the end of the long weekend, we got to write in the journal to summarise how we spent the weekend together. This was then shared with the class on Tuesday. After being patient each week, it was amazing how quickly the weekend went by. It was a great weekend, obviously helped by the sunshine and 28 degree days. 

It was also nice to see Cara take responsibility and care for someone else. She would tuck Honey Bear into bed each night and hug her like a baby. I’m unsure if all schools have a class mascot, but I believe it’s a great initiative to teach your child responsibility. It’s like owning a pet or having a younger sibling, except a lot cheaper and less poop to clean up. 

It was a pleasure having you visit, Honey Bear. Until next time, enjoy your next host family.