Need to keep the kids busy for 10 minutes or so during the lockdown? If you’re out of ideas, then feel free to try out a Mason & Mollie sticker puzzle. They’ll keep the kids entertained while helping with their dexterity and problem-solving skills. 

Cost: From £6.50 for a pack of 5 puzzles, up to £19.50 for the complete set of 20. 


[Update: Mason & Mollie is no longer around now we’re out of lockdown!] As noted above, Cara’s busy Mum owns and manages Mason & Mollie. Lucky for Cara, she has tried and tested each of the stickers. In fact, she has one character named after her! The other characters are named after some school and family friends. Upon unwrapping the Mason & Mollie sticker puzzle, the child is provided with a picture of the ‘end’ result and has to use the various sticker puzzle pieces to build upon the template. There’s no need for other equipment, just their hands and brain is sufficient. Each of the sticker puzzle pieces has an easy-peel sticker backing. 

By looking at the picture, the child can then copy it and stick the pieces in order. Alternatively, they can create their own picture using their imagination! They’re easy to use. If they place the sticker in the wrong place you can peel it off and re-stick it to the desired location. Once the 3D sticker puzzle is complete, they can then create their own story about the character. At Mason & Mollie, there are 20 characters and sticker puzzles to collect.  

From a personal perspective, it keeps Cara busy for about 10 minutes. Initially, she was a little unsure of what to do, however she’s able to explain to us where to stick each piece. From an educational point of view, I believe it helps her problem solve and think ahead (e.g. what piece do I need to use before putting on another particular piece?). She then uses the different characters and tells a story out of them, utilising her creative imagination. 

They also work great as a party favour (once out of lockdown). The individual packs can also be used whilst out and about to keep them busy. For example, at the airport waiting for a flight, or at the restaurant waiting for the food.

ABC Dad Mason Mollie 1 ABC Dad Mason Mollie 2 ABC Dad Mason Mollie 3


Burn Time: 3 out of 5 – depends on age and how many you buy, one usually takes 10 minutes or so. 
Value: 5 out of 5 –
starting from £6.50 for a pack of 5, or £19.50 for the complete set of 20, it’s great value to keep the kids entertained.
Overall: 5 out of 5 –
may be slightly biased considering it’s within the family, but considering the costs of toys and the attention span of kids these days, it’s convenient to have some on hand when you need to fill in 10 minutes.