Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Although lockdown has eased slightly, we haven’t been able to venture out too much yet. So nothing new to report. This did however provide us with an opportunity and time to review the existing site. I am pleased to say, we now have a new site. Yay!

Content-wise, everything is still there. Hopefully, the new site is a bit more modern, and provides you with a few features to make the information more accessible.  

New site updated

We’re planning on providing more content soon, especially once (if) the main lockdown eases and we’re able to dine indoors AND outdoors next month! At the moment, everything is either booked out, or it’s still too cold to dine outside. We did venture in to Chinatown over the weekend as most of the Chinese restaurants don’t take bookings. Arriving at 5:30pm, we were able to secure a table. Although the food was tasty, you have to eat it all very quickly before it gets cold! It was also odd to be sat outside, right next to people walking past as they tried to jam in as many tables as possible. Let’s hope no one sneezed or coughed as they walked past! Nevertheless, the food was great and it was fantastic to be out and about again.

Bye bye old theme…

The old design served us well over the past few years. We will try to get back out there and start experiencing life after lockdown! Not too sure how the overseas holidays are looking, hopefully there’ll be a few ‘green’ category countries we can visit this year. If not, there’s always 2022. As always, thanks for reading and stay safe!

If you have any feedback on the new site, or spot any bugs and glitches, please let me know in the comments section!