Kidbrooke Village Playground
It’s been a while since the last ‘Things to do’ post of the ice skating from November 2020. With the vaccine being rolled out and brighter, longer days, things are starting to look more positive. Coinciding with the Easter school holidays and the hottest March day in 53 years, we headed out to Kidbrooke Village Playground for some fun.

Date Visited: 30th March 2021

Location: Kidbrooke Village Playground (also known as Cator Park North Playground), Kidbrooke Park Rd, London SE3 9BY

Getting There: Opposite Kidbrooke’s updated station. If driving, there is parking available in the side streets.

Cost: Few pounds for parking, but otherwise free.   

Kidbrooke Park 


With the lack of options currently available to keep kids busy, parks are the go to place, especially when the sun’s out. After visiting Greenwich Park the day before, we thought it was time to mix it up a little. As a result, we ventured to Kidbrooke Village Playground. It’s amazing what a large developer can do for the area. What once was an empty area next to a train station, has now been developed into a community of blocks of flats, supermarket, pub, gym, small shops and a playground.  

On arrival, we tried to park it into a car park, but had to turnaround as it was blocked by construction. But, there was plenty of parking on the side streets for a few pounds. It was a nice walk up through the park as there’s plenty of ducks, geese and blossom trees for the kids to spot. Felt as though we were outside of London for a second. It’s hard to miss the actual playground, as the tree houses stand out and are the main attractions of Kidbrooke Village Playground.  

Kidbrooke Village Playground   

As it was our first time there, Cara was a little apprehensive on the equipment. I would say Kidbrooke Village Playground is more catered towards slightly older (or taller) kids. Some of the step ladders and ropes were harder to reach. Nevertheless, Cara gave everything a go, although she wasn’t too keen on the slides. I’m sure if we visited again, she’ll be more confident. Kidbrooke Village Playground, being relatively new, was very clean and well maintained. The only thing I couldn’t see were amenities like toilets. I didn’t venture around that far so they may have been located somewhere. In the event of rain, there’s not a lot of cover either, so best to check the weather before visiting. When the weather is nice, it’s a lovely place for a picnic. Parents could relax while the kids run wild.

With the sun out, sound of kids playing and Cara smiling, it was a great day and happy visit to Kidbrooke Village Playground.  

Kidbrooke Village Playground Tyre Kidbrooke Village Playground Web Kidbrooke Village Playground Climbing

More details: Kidbrooke Village Playground (also known as Cator Park North Playground)


Burn Time: 3.5 out of 5 – we spent the morning there, approximately 2 hours. However, Cara probably could have stayed for longer if it wasn’t lunchtime. 
Value: 5 out of 5 –
only cost would be parking or a train ticket.
Overall: 4 out of 5 –
it would be a five if some of the playground equipment was shorter for the smaller kids. However, they will grow into it! 

If there are any parks that you recommend Cara and I visit, please let us know in the comments section below.