Well, as soon as they go back to school from lockdown, they’re off again for the Easter Break. It’s a well-deserved holiday for not only the kids, but also the teachers. The only difference is, compared to the previous Easter break options, what the heck is there to do this time around in lockdown? With restaurants, museums, and soft-plays still closed, here are some Easter holiday ideas, lockdown edition!

Parks and Rec

With the days getting longer, the weather warming up, and the lack of other options, this one might be the go-to during the Easter holidays. There’s plenty of great parks out there with playground equipment. These include Greenwich Park, Holland Park, and Grovelands Park. Just remember to bring the hand sanitiser!

Easter Egg Hunts

Due to lockdown, the number of public Easter egg hunts has been reduced. However, there are some that are still cracking on outside. The main one is being held by the National Trust. There are also local Easter egg hunts and trails, kindly run by the neighbourhood families. 

Easter Holiday Activity Sheets

The ever-trusty Twinkl provides numerous worksheets and activities to keep the youngsters occupied. Whether it’s word-searches, maths or general mindfulness colouring sheets, it’s sure to keep them busy. Cara loves designing and colouring her own Easter egg.

Easter Holiday Clubs

Great way to keep the kids active and get them out of the house, interacting with other kids (safely within government guidelines). We have signed up for a week with Munchkins Sports this Easter holiday. After being stuck at home during lockdown and homeschooling, hopefully Cara will enjoy running around outside again!

Easter Holiday Ideas

Hopefully, with lockdown easing and the number of Covid cases and deaths on the decline, we’ll be able to do more during the next summer holidays. Fingers crossed!

Till then, stay safe and have a happy, Easter holidays.

Please comment below if you have any Easter holidays ideas or recommendations during lockdown!