Another year, another Halloween. This will be followed shortly by another visit to the dentist. After last year’s kitty cat costume, Cara did mention she wanted to be a mermaid or Elsa. However, she’s gone with a witch this year and will be hitting the streets of East Greenwich again.

Last weekend, we spent some time carving our pumpkins and prepping the tub of sweets to hand out on the night. Great messy play and way to let your design ideas flow free. Cara had two pumpkins, which she turned into a cat and a jack-o-lantern. She enjoyed ripping out the brains and guts of the pumpkin. If you’re stuck for ideas or designs, a quick Google search will help. Surprised that there are so many intricate designs out there! 

ABC Dad Halloween 2019 Pumpkin ABC Dad Halloween 2019 Pumpkin2 

With Halloween only a couple of days away, that means it will shortly be Guy Fawkes Night, and then Christmas! Where has this year gone? Hope you all have a great and safe evening. 

ABC Dad Halloween 2019 Pumpkin3
Tips for Halloween:
  1. If you are unsure where to trick-or-treat this Halloween in your area, try the Nextdoor app. It has a special Halloween section that highlights where the treats and haunted houses are located in your neighbourhood. You can also ping your home if you are giving out treats or have spooky decorations.
  2. Be prepared – stay warm and wear comfy shoes. Check the weather before heading out in case there’s rain.
  3. There’s no need to spend big on Halloween, be sure to shop around for the bargains. It’s quite competitive this time of year in terms of sweets and costumes, even more so once Halloween is over! So if you can plan a year ahead, you can stock up on the decorations and costumes.  

Any ideas for pumpkin designs or costumes for next year’s Halloween? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give it a go in 2020!