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Trick or Treating will not be the same this year. Good thing as we haven’t planned on a costume for Cara. However, as with Halloween in 2019 and 2018, we will try to carve some pumpkins and eat some sweets. But with all the social distancing in place, I don’t think dipping one’s hand into a stranger’s bowl of sweets is considered hygienic. If you’re still keen to hit the local streets for some festivities, here are 5 top ideas for Halloween 2020 during Covid that I have seen floating around the internet. 

  1. No knock – Rather than knocking on the door of each home that has a lantern out to gain a sweet, carry a few bags of sweets with you so whenever your child spots a haunted house, you can hand one to them instead. So far, the most popular option based on the various social media outlets. 
  2. Treasure hunt – Depending on your neighbours and neighbourhood, you could organise a treasure hunt. It takes a fair bit of planning. Decorate a few homes and hide some letters that spell out a word, for example ‘Halloween’, along the route you would walk with them. Once they’ve found all the letters and worked out what it spells, you reward them with a pack of sweets. 
  3. Community Spirit – Again, depending on your area, you could help the local community by cleaning up the area. Take some gloves or those metal grabbers, and instead of a bucket, carry a garbage bag and pick up any rubbish you see along the walk. For every piece of rubbish collected, one small reward. Win-win. Note: Dropping candy wrappers from the sweet you just ate does not count. Please be careful of sharp objects, especially if it’s in a dark, unlit area. 
  4. Sanitise – If you’re planning to decorate your home and hand out sweets, leave them outside next to a hand sanitiser bottle. That way, there’s minimal contact and the kids can self-serve.
  5. Do nothing – 2020 has been enough of a nightmare already! Stay in, have a nice meal, pick up some sweets, bit of popcorn and watch a kid-friendly scary movie. Cara likes Hotel Transylvania. 
Photo of a much ‘freer’ time in 2019
ABC Dad Halloween 2019 Covid

Will you be venturing out this year? If so, let us know your Halloween 2020 ideas during Covid. What costume have you selected? Please leave your comments below and stay safe!