Summer Holidays Peppa Pig World Cover

Following our day trip to New Forest, we continued our summer holidays staycation with a visit to Peppa Pig World (part of Paultons Park).  We planned our trip this time and had pre-booked tickets, which during summer holidays is a must! This was our second visit, our first was when Cara was 3. The first visit was super busy, peak season, so she definitely enjoyed it more this time around.

Date Visited: 9th July 2021

Location: Ower, Romsey SO51 6AL

Getting There: Easiest by car. There are trains and buses that will drop you close by, but a car or taxi will get you to the rides quicker!

Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun, Peppa Pig

Another short 20 minute drive from our stay in Southampton, we headed out to Peppa Pig World after a ‘healthy’ brekkie at McDonald’s. It’s an easy route from Southampton which we timed to arrive close to the standard opening time at 10am. There is an early session that you can book for an extra fee so the little ones get first dibs on the rides. By the time we arrived at Paulton Park at 10:30am, there was already a slow queue forming to enter the park. Parking was well guided by staff and we only had a short walk to the actual entrance.

Given it was still pre-Freedom Day, we still had to socially distance ourselves and everything was done either via the Paultons Park app or by card. We booked a family ticket for 3, which saved a small amount. Those under 1m in height go free! Once in, we made a beeline for Peppa Pig World. Even at an off-peak time, there were queues up to 40 minutes on some of the Peppa Pig World rides. These tended to be Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and The Queen’s Flying Coach. Big tip – before joining a queue, ask the kids if they need a bathroom break, otherwise it might be difficult to exit and rejoin the queue as you’re quite fenced in like cattle with all the Covid precautions. 

Summer Holidays Peppa Pig World

We started off on the flying coach and slowly made our way around the rides. The only ones we didn’t jump on during the day were the sailing club and hot air balloon. However, we did go on the ones Cara preferred more than one, including George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Windy Castle Ride. I got a little nauseous on the windy ride after Cara thought it was funny to keep spinning the pod as fast as she could!

The Queen's Flying Coach

To take a break from the rides, we popped in to Peppa’s house and school for some photos, and watched the penguins getting fed. If you want to sit in the front row for the feed, be sure to get there at least 10 minutes before the start of each session, otherwise the little ones might now be able to see as the seating is not tiered. For our own lunch, we bought some hot dogs and took a break at the Magical Pirate Adventure show. There’s plenty of seats and benches to set down your own picnic if you packed one, which would save on some costs.

  George's Dinosaur Adventure   

Still here…

We initially expected to be at the park for a few hours. Yet, come 3pm, we were still there enjoying the summer holidays in Peppa Pig World. This time, we brought Cara’s swimmers so she could have a splash and cooldown at the Muddy Puddles water section. We were lucky to have great weather that day and Cara loved the water features. She stayed there for about 30 minutes before deciding she had enough and wanted to go on more rides. So back up on the windy ride again for some more nausea…

Summer Holidays Peppa Pig World Windy

Note, when we visited, due to Covid restrictions, the soft play area of Peppa Pig’s World was closed and the photos with Peppa and George were from a 2m distance. There were no visits from the other characters that previously used to walk around the area. Hopefully post-Freedom day, this may go back to normal. Also, the 4D cinema was out of action. Darn Covid. 

By this time, the crowds at Peppa Pig World thinned out and there were minimal queues for the rides. In order to stop here making me sick on the windy ride again, I pointed out the climbing equipment over at the Tornado Springs section of the park. So to wind down the afternoon, we spent the rest of our time here watching her climb around. A brief pause for an ice cream, 5:30pm came around and it was closing time at the park. A while day, with 80% of the time, at Peppa Pig’s World. For those who have yet to visit, be warned that they have the tune of Peppa Pig on repeat, so good luck!

Summer Holidays Peppa Pig World Peppas House

Exiting the park and getting out was fairly easy, no traffic getting back to Southampton for dinner. We had a great day out and made some lovely memories. Even if my head is still spinning from the windy ride.


Burn Time:  6 out of 5 – Not a typo. We literally burnt an entire day of the summer holidays here at Peppa Pig World.
Value: 4 out of 5 –
 It’s not the cheapest of day outs. The family ticket was about £100, plus food, drinks and any souvenirs all add up. But having spent the entire day there, it was worth it.
Overall: 5 out of 5 –
Had a blast there. There’s something for all ages at Paultons Park, even if you’re not a Peppa Pig World fan. As Cara’s now older, she doesn’t really watch Peppa Pig but was still able to enjoy the kid-friendly rides. It was great seeing her smile throughout the day. 

Are you a fan of Paultons Park, home to Peppa Pig World? Any rides you recommend we should try next time? Let us know in the comments below!

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