July already? Sheesh. With all the lockdown, home-schooling, work and life in general, blogging has unfortunately taken a backseat. With not being able to go out and explore as much, the number of blogs has trickled through at best. However, now with lockdown easing, hopefully we’ll be able to explore a little more. So, what is there to do in this summer holidays 2020? Unfortunately, not everything has re-opened since the lockdown. There’s not as many suggestions for holiday activities this year compared to the half term or summer 2019 ideas. If you’re one of the lucky ones to be travelling this summer, please do let us know how it goes! We’ll be ‘staycationing’ this year, most likely at home. Nevertheless, here are some general ideas of things to do.

Support your local businesses

Whether it’s shopping or dining out locally, try to support your local business. Each week, the news reports another business going into administration. Given that the UK Government’s furlough scheme ends in October, this might be more common news in the months to come. 

Explore the UK

May be a bit late, but the UK has plenty to offer in terms of holiday destinations. You’ll save on currency exchange, support local communities and businesses, and perhaps see a different part of the country that you perhaps never would have. Also, if there is a second wave, you won’t be stranded overseas! 

Learn something new

Although not homework as such, Cara has been given a few ‘challenges’ and activities by her school this summer. This includes: 

  • Write a holiday diary 
  • Learn how to tie shoe/trainer laces
  • Use real money to buy something in a play shop at home
  • Make a Lego model
  • Write a shopping list
  • Look at a shadow and see if it’s bigger or smaller? Is it always the same size? Does it always follow you or does it sometimes move in front of you?
  • Make and fly a kite
Stay safe

Above all, keep safe and enjoy the additional freedom we’ve been given. Make the most of the time and have fun with your loved ones! 

ABC Dad CaraMask

If you have a great idea for the summer holidays 2020, please comment below. Always looking for more things that Cara can do!