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Since my days at university, my skin has always been terrible. Oily and acne-prone to the point I was taking the infamous Roaccutane that made my nosebleed. Although it’s fairly stable now, I still get adult spots that hang around a while and have scars from previous outbreaks. So I’m always wary to try new face care products in case it triggers an outbreak. Liomen Prime Skincare is not specifically for acne. Rather,  it contains retinol for anti-ageing and smoother skin. Given my already oily skin and general Asian genes, wrinkles weren’t really a concern but thought I’d see how it might help now that I’m over 40!

Liomen Prime Skincare bottles

What’s in the bottle?

There’s not a whole lot of information or background to Liomen Prime Skincare on its website. Few generic photos of the ingredients and testimonials. A quick Google of the product and numerous product review sites and blogs appear. I couldn’t find any negative reviews so it was a good sign that my skin wouldn’t melt off. The list of ingredients are mainly natural products, such as aloe vera, green tea, oils such as avocado, jojoba, rosehip and even watermelon. Didn’t know that had oil? The anti-ageing ingredients are retinol and collagen. 

As with most skincare products, nothing will happen overnight. One bottle lasts about a month and the suggested usage period to see results is three to four months. There’s no smell to it, perhaps if they added some lavender smell or something to help you sleep given it’s suggested to use this before bed? The bottle itself is plastic and very simple, nothing extravagant and not something you would leave out to display.  

Liomen Prime Skincare ingredients 

Did it work for me?

It’s difficult to tell. After using it for a few months, I’m not sure if my skin looks more youthful given my pre-existing oily skin. Did it make it worse? No.

I guess if you had lots of wrinkles (or worried about getting them), then it’s worth a try. It does feel softer (not sure if that’s just me drinking more water?). It’s easy to add Liomen Prime Skincare to your night time routine and put it on before bed. A big thank you to them for gifting the products to test. 

Would I place an order for another three bottles? Maybe not at this stage, but if I start seeing some more wrinkles, then I might whip out the credit card for it!