Photo of all of us with the pugs

Want to play with a pug but don’t want the trouble of owning one? Or perhaps you’re feeling stressed and need some dog-therapy after a difficult week? Be sure to book some time at Cuppa Pug, where you can pat, cuddle, play with or simply watch a group of pugs waddling around the cafe. 

Date Visited: 11th August 2023

Location:5, Ability Plaza, Arbutus St, London E8 4DT

Getting There: Around the corner from Haggerston Overground with plenty of buses serving the main road.

Cost: Between £12 to £15 per person, per hour, depending on which day you visit. We went on a Friday so it was £15 per person for an hour, plus extra for any drinks, snacks or souvenirs. 

Pugs galore

Cara has always wanted a pug, but we decided to own a cross pug-zu instead due to the inherent health issues with pure-bred pugs. To help satisfy Cara’s desire for a pug, we decided to offer her the next best, a pug cafe! Cuppa Pug, which offers not just one pug, but a whole family of them! And what’s even better is that we were allowed to bring Cookie along to enjoy the experience!

On arrival, it’s a smooth operation whereby the previous customers are ushered out the rear exit and the new ones checked-in and seated. By the time you settle down, the pugs are busy sniffing you out. As Cookie was new to the pack, it took a few minutes for her to adjust and mingle with the resident Cuppa Pug pugs. We ordered a couple of mocha frappes which were refreshing and not overly sweet. Considering how many dogs there were in the space, it was very clean. Having one dog at home and there’s hair and dog toys everywhere!

And relax…

Cara’s favourite pug was Gizmo, mine was Beau. They were all very well behaved and even performed some tricks for treats. Cookie did not do any but the owner still gave her some chicken. You’re free to walk around and pat or play with the pugs. There’s plenty of dog toys and a ball pit for them to enjoy. Before your time is up, be sure to arrange a photo with all of them! 

Cara patting Gizmo at Cuppa Pug

It’s a good way to spend an hour, especially if you’re a pug fan. The location is also good as there’s plenty of pubs and restaurants close by to make a day out of the visit. There is a park with a very small playground at the end of the street which is handy if you arrive early and need to burn time with the kids. It’s not something you would do all the time, but it’s definitely one to check out!