Following on from the previous blog reviewing my 2018 work and career, this blog will be taking a look back at the goals I had for my family and personal development. Again, this was broken down into short-term (3 months), medium-term (12 months) and long-term (3-5 years) objectives. 

2018 Review – Family & Personal Development
Short Term:

 Obtain my UK Driver Licence: A self-inflicted terror after I forgot to transfer my Australian licence across to the UK one. My goal was to pass the theory test by the end of 2017, and the practical component by March 2018. After a few lessons to get used to the UK road rules and to correct bad habits, this goal was smashed with zero faults! A full review and my tips on passing can be found here.

Say ‘Yes’ more often: Slightly linked to the medium-term networking goal below, my objective in 2018 was to say ‘Yes’ more to social events. Although I have said Yes or initiated more activities in 2018, in hindsight I probably could have said it more. Still a work in progress. With the help of Cara and this blog, 2019 is looking to be even more positive!

Medium Term:

 Be more proactive and organise a family holiday: When we first arrived in the UK, I regularly organised weekend getaways. However, over the last few years I became lazy and became more reliant on others. Hence, my goal to be more proactive and book a family holiday during Christmas this year. After an on-and-off search over a few months, I finally decided on a warm, Christmas in Dubai (which we are eagerly looking forward to!). With a book now, pay later arrangement, it enabled us to set aside funds each month to pay for it. Now, to enjoy the break and start thinking about the next break.

Attend networking events and meetups: This goal was associated with my drive to increase my confidence and improve my networking skills, both on a career and social level. Although it started off well with attendance at a Property Hub meet up, I have been severely slacking on this. I had booked to attend other property events but never ended up going. I must try harder! 

Long Term:

 Help Cara settle in to her new school and develop: Okay, this one was not quite a SMART goal, as it was more difficult to measure. However, I was clearing out some of Cara’s old artwork that she tends to bring home and noticed the improvement since January. Cara’s not the most artistically gifted child, but with all the practice during the year, it’s remarkable how quickly they learn. Drawing familiar shapes, painting and describing the pictures, cutting, tracing, writing, phonics. 

One thing I tried to do was make time for Cara. Whether it was spending time with her over breakfast, taking her to school, collecting her after work, or sneaking in that one extra book before bed. Work has been very flexible which has helped. It allows me to block out time in the mornings and afternoons when I’m due to do the school runs. Without this goal, I may have been less proactive in finding the time with Cara, which I may have regretted in the future. 

Next time…a review of 2018 – Finance

What goals did you take action on during 2018? Did you achieve or miss them? Add your comments below. Also, please get in touch if you would like a copy of my goals template.