The Funny Sloth new venture

Locked down in a house with the wife and brother-in-law meant a lot of time spent chatting nonsense around the dinner table. From those conversations, The Funny Sloth was born. With the help of Cara throwing out funny ideas, the concept of The Funny Sloth is to capture the funny moments in life and stick it on a coffee mug or t-shirt. The aim is to bring a smile and sprinkle some happiness in an otherwise serious time and world. 

Rubber chicken mug 

With a few ideas gathered, we now have a few original designs. A couple centered around cryptocurrency based on our experience (or lack of it), and some based on current life. Cara’s rubber chicken also makes an appearance! She came up with quite a few although not sure all were deemed suitable for printing on a mug! She definitely has a vivid imagination. 

Rubber Chicken What the cluck

We’re hoping to develop more designs soon. At the moment, we focussed on crypto mainly because it has been in the news for the last few months. We have been having fun watching the ups and downs of the Altcoins like Dogecoin and Shiba. It also tends to attract a lot of memes, especially whenever Elon Musk tweets. We also pay homage to our Health Minister who provided some content and advice to survive Covid. 

Crypto mug five a dayHancock mug hands face embrace

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pun intended), but it made us smile. Perhaps it’s just our weird sense of humour. 

The Funny Sloth Pump and Dump coffee mug

If it does bring a smirk to your face, or you think someone might enjoy a new mug, please do follow on Insta (@funnyslothdesigns), share and check out our Etsy page. It makes a great gift for crypto or forex traders, parliamentary aides, and rubber chicken lovers.   

If you have any feedback on the designs or mugs, good or bad, please do let us know!