Following on from the previous 2018 review blogs (2018 family and personal development and 2018 work and career), this one focus on some of the goals I had for my finances and health. As with the others, this was broken down into short-term (3 months), medium-term (12 months) and long-term (3-5 years) objectives. 

2018 Review – Finance & Health
Short Term:

 Set up a savings plan: One of my financial objectives was to establish a regular savings plan to help build up my rainy day fund. After reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, I decided it was better to pay myself first. Great tip. Setting up the standing order to move funds from the current account to the savings account each month was nice and easy. 

Workout at the gym four times a week: Not even close! Based on my goal of four days a week, that equates to approximately 208 days across 2018. Unfortunately, I struggled to maintain the consistency and only visited PureGym 82 times (c.39%). I am now trying to implement the ‘Miracle Morning’ lifestyle by switching to a 5am morning gym session so I don’t have any excuses of being too tired or busy after work. So far, it’s been three out of the five days in 2019. If you’re looking to join PureGym, feel free to use my referral code: 168P10003 (not exactly sure what it does, but it sometimes offers free movie tickets?).

Medium Term:

Eat out less, bring lunch to work: Eating out less and bringing lunch to work helps the wallet. Most occasions I brought a sandwich to work and if I didn’t, I aimed to spend less than £3 on a Tesco meal deal. However, with the addition of Deliveroo and UberEats on the mobile, it made it too easy to push a few buttons and spend £10-£15 on some unhealthy fast-food. 

Long Term:

  Save up a deposit for a 2nd Buy-to-Let property: Not quite there yet with this objective, but still on track with the aim of purchasing one in North West England in 2019

 Health check ups: Definitely a necessity, especially as one ages. Doctor, dentist and optometrist visited, so that should tie me over for a bit. 

What goals did you take action on during 2018? Did you achieve or miss them? Add your comments below.