With last year’s 2021 Children’s Mental Health Week theme helping children to ‘Express Themselves’, the 2022 theme is all about ‘Growing Together’. The focus is on encouraging children (and adults) to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. With almost two years of pandemic, we can pause and reflect on how we have all grown in different ways. 2022’s week runs from 7th to 13th February, but discussions about mental health can be open at any time. 

Personally, I’ve continued to develop myself through reading books. I have also been challenging myself to get out of my ‘comfort zone’. For Cara, I can see she’s grown academically, and continues to push herself with extra activities like swimming, ballet and Girlguiding (Rainbows and Brownies). This week, Cara will take part in many activities at school. For example, Tuesday will be ‘Dress to Express Yourself’ day.  Therefore, the school is encouraging kids to dress in a way that expresses their own uniqueness and personal qualities. Not sure they will allow Cara to attend school in her knickers and singlet! 

With the ever-growing prominence of mental wellbeing, there is a vast number of resources now available to children and adults. I have included some below.


For more information

Place2Be Children’s Mental Health Week 2022plenty of information and activities for both kids and parents. Lots of handy tips to help open conversations with your children.

Rehab4Addiction – Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 – contains a great infographic with some eye-opening facts about mental health in children in the UK. As Boris states in the blog, “1 in 6 children and young people struggling with daily issues like divorce, bereavement, bullying, and suffering diagnosable mental health problems”. This is a staggering figure.

Mind – provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Recovery Rehab – information and help for those impacted by addictions, including rehab assistance and help for students.

If you have any other sites or insights that will help, please comment below. Similarly, if you’re just looking for a chat, feel free to email me on derek@abcdad.co.uk. Alternatively, hop over to Instagram (@abc.dad) and ping me a message!