Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, another bombshell from the Government to move London and the South East into Tier 4 lockdown. Although we weren’t expecting a huge Christmas gathering due to limited family over here, it still would’ve been nice to go out and soak up the Christmas festivities. I cannot imagine what those families who had plans for a nice meal together on Christmas Day are currently thinking! To help keep the kids occupied this Christmas, here are 10 things you can do during Christmas and Tier 4 lockdown. There are also some other ideas listed here from the original lockdown.


1. Create and play a game of Christmas bingo

Find some Christmassy pictures (2 copies), sticking one copy on to a blank bingo sheet and the other kept aside to turnover or pulled from a stocking. Have the kids choose one to turn over or pull out of a hat, first to match their bingo sheet wins!

2. Design your own Christmas memory card game

Similar to above, find two copies of some Christmas related pictures (e.g. trees, Santa, robins, Rudolph etc). Even better, have the kids draw some pictures, preferably two copies. Cut them out, mix them up and match away.

3. Set up a sleepover around your Christmas tree

We’ll probably plan to have one on the 23rd, as we don’t want to disturb Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Grab some duvets, pillows and settle in at night with some hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. 

4. Make your own Christmas scavenger hunt

At this time of year, you probably have accumulated mountains of chocolate. If so, hide them around the house along with some clues and get the kids to collect them all.  

5. Have a family game night with Christmas games

You can crack out the usual board games, or alternatively, play some Christmas themed games. This might include Pictionary and charades (drawing and acting out Christmas items), Guess that Carol (play the first few seconds or till someone guesses it), What’s in the Box? (throw a Christmas item into a shoe box – e.g. candy cane, plastic bauble and let the kids guess what’s inside). 

6. Make a paper chain for your bedroom

Nice and easy one for the kids to do. Get them to decorate them before cutting and gluing them together.  

7. Learn how they celebrate Christmas in another country

Have the kids research how they celebrate Christmas in another country and see if it can be recreated during the holiday season. May be a little difficult to recreate the food during lockdown, but perhaps learn a song.   

8. Make your own Christmas word search

Jot down some Christmas words, fill in the blank squares and let the kids at it.  

9. Make your own puppets and act out your favourite Christmas story

You can recreate the manger and the birth of baby Jesus, the Grinch, or Rudolph and Santa.  

10. Create a Christmas joke book

Plenty to choose from and some might even be better than the ones inside Christmas crackers. Cara’s favourite – What do you call a reindeer that doesn’t say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’? Rude-olph.  *Boodom tish*

Christmas Cara Elf

On behalf of Cara and the family, wish you all a safe, and happy Christmas! Cara elf courtesy of the Elf Yourself app

If you have any other ideas of things to do during Tier 4 lockdown or family traditions at Christmas that you would like to share, please comment below.