Goals for Kids Planner Cara

Happy New Year! What a rough year 2020 turned out to be! Hopefully you had a nice start to 2021 and were able to celebrate it with loved ones. We ended up having a nice meal together on NYE and played some Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch. With 2020 behind us and an exciting year ahead to look forward to, I decided to look around for a planner to help Cara think of what she achieved in the previous year, and what she could aim for in 2021. After seeing what was available online, I decided to create my own ‘Goals for Kids Planner’ from the mish-mash of others. Feel free to download a copy or use it to create your own!

Download: Goals for Kids Planner

Cara was a little hesitant at first to sit down and think given she’s still on school holidays. However, after a filling lunch, I thought it was important to get into a habit early on in life to think about the previous year’s achievements, and write down some plans for the upcoming year. So we sat down at the kitchen table and went through each of the 3, 2, 1 prompts together. For those like me trying to explain ‘being thankful’ to a six year old, this short YouTube clip seemed to help.

It doesn’t take long (we took about 10 minutes or so), and it doesn’t have to be perfect. The aim is to get them thinking, improving and appreciating what they have. It also helps getting them into a habit of setting goals for themselves. Given that Cara had never done this before, it was great seeing her coming up with some of the responses. You may need to provide a steer or extra prompts, especially when looking back at the previous year. We decided to flick through Google photos to see what she got up to which helped jog her memory. 

Goals for Kids Planner Cara 2

For now, we have stuck this print out on her wall. It’s good to review this on a regular basis during the year to make sure things are on target. In the interest of accountability, here’s what Cara jotted down on her ‘Goals for Kids Planner’. Looking forward to all the baked goodies!

Goals for Kids Planner Cara

Do you do something similar with your kids? Any tips or ideas you can share? Feel free to comment below!