World book day Alice

World Book Day 2022! Slightly delayed post given it happened today. Cara’s initial choice was to go as the princess from Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Princess and the Wizard‘. However, after reviewing the outfit choices, she decided to go with Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Although we haven’t actually read the entire story from cover to cover, she seems to be drawn to Alice. We’ve had a Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea, and visited an Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the V&A Museum. Wonder what next? Perhaps we should finish the actual book! The version Cara owns is a cracking pop-up book with great illustrations which is why she’s drawn to it. 

Alice in Wonderland pop up garden Alice in Wonderland pop up cards

As expected, there were plenty of Harry Potter characters at Cara’s school, along with those children we saw along the way. Cara hasn’t been hooked by Harry Potter yet, but perhaps in a couple of more years she’ll be another Hermione in the crowd of children.

For some reason, a lot of the teachers decided to dress up as crayons this year. Perhaps a nod to ‘The Crayons’ Book of Colours‘, unless there’s another crayon-related kids’ story out there? There were also lots of fairytale princesses and comic book superheroes. It’s great to see the schools being so involved with World Book Day. Last year’s was disrupted by a lockdown, where Cara dressed up as a sheep in tribute to her then favourite book, Marvin Wanted More. By ‘dressing up’, I mean tying a sheep toy around her waist and saying “baaaa” every now and then.  

I wonder what character will inspire Cara next year? 

Spot any great costumes today? Any recommendations for us to start planning for 2023?