Blenheim Palace view

After our stopover at Millets Farm and Mollie’s Motel and Diner, we headed off after breakfast to visit Blenheim Palace and continue our summer holidays adventure.  

Date Visited: 19th July 2021

Location: Woodstock OX20 1PP

Getting There: By car. There’s public transport (buses) available and you receive a discount if you show proof of greener transport to the palace 

A world heritage site…

A slight detour from the Cotswolds, but a brief drive up from our overnight stay, we made our way to Blenheim Palace for the morning. Famous as Churchill’s birthplace and a movie set for the likes of Harry Potter, James Bond and Transformers, it’s set on massive grounds that would take an entire day to walkaround. We only purchased the general grounds ticket, as I’m not quite sure Cara would’ve appreciated the historical aspect of the palace. We made our way to the mini train (extra ticket cost of £1 per person, per ride) to head down to the gardens. The train ride’s fun, although the card machine reader played up during our visit so took a little longer to get going while they waited for a signal!

Blenheim Palace 

Once down at the gardens, there’s a neat little play area for the kids and a butterfly house. It’s not the biggest of butterfly houses, only takes a few minutes to visit. Cara spent most of the time at the playground. If you have a younger family, this is the place to visit to keep them busy! 

Blenheim Palace train Blenheim Palace Butterfly House Blenheim Palace Play area

There’s a restaurant and bathrooms down at the gardens, as well as in the palace area. There’s also a gift store where you can pick up Blenheim Palace items, but also random knick knacks. 

Ratings for Blenheim Palace:

Burn Time: 3 out of 5 – If inclined, you could spend the entire day at Blenheim Palace, exploring the palace and its grounds. We were only here for the morning. 
Value: 3 out of 5 –
 There is an entrance fee, not the cheapest. 
Overall: 3 out of 5 –
A nice way to burn a few hours. We might be back again when Cara’s a little older to inspect the actual palace and exhibitions.

Did you enjoy a trip to Blenheim Palace? Let us know in the comments!

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